Sunlitor Enterprise Co. Ltd, founded in 1986, is specialized in the supply of Men Shoes and Children Shoes. Based in Taichung, middle of Taiwan, at the centre of a region where shoemaking is a firmly rooted tradition. Sunlitor has a track record of over 24 years designing and making Men & Children's shoes. Two decades later, Sunlitor enlarges its scale and operates from Taipei offices in Taiwan and Guangzhou, China. So far, Sunlitor has launched two brands, Mirako & Fun Fun. Mirako is created to offer men with comfortable, stylish footwear for nearly every occasion in their active lives. Fun Fun is dedicated to provide children with high quality and fashionable styles. Our mission: To make a quality shoes with the latest styles in mind. Taiwan Footwear (Shoes) Factory/Manufacturer/Producer. ODM. Men's classical shoes; Men's casual shoes; Men's boots; Fashion; Stylish; Comfortable. Children's classical shoes; Children's casual shoes; Children's sport shoes; Children's boots; Children's sandals; Cute; Fashion; Comfortable.